FItter Faster Swim Clinic at the Kona Pool

Mark Noetzel

ASC families - Kona Aquatics and Kona Dolphins arranged for the Fitter Faster Swim clinics to come to their pool (date below) for work on starts and turns. There are some spots available for members of ASC and other clubs. Spots are limited and there is a cost involved. 

From Coach Dave

Fitter Faster Workshop being held at the Kona Community Aquatic Center on April 13 and 14.  Please pass this registration link along to your athletes who may be interested in participating.
Saturday sessions are focusing on Starts.  Sunday's session is focusing on Turns.  See the sign up page for additional details.
Sessions have a capacity limit of 26, so pass along to your athletes quickly.
  • Saturday AM - 12 & Up - 22 registered as of 3/18
  • Saturday PM - 11 & Under - 17 registered as of 3/18
  • Sunday AM - 12 & Up - 17 registered as of 3/18
  • Sunday PM - 11 & Under - 16 registered as of 3/18
Given that we already have 12 registrations for athletes not on the Kona teams because the link is open, we're not going to try to manage the number of spots available for each team.  Open registration is NOW available on a first come first serve basis.